I love this little house with heart smoke coming out of the chimney.


 This is the ring I've been wearing lately. I love the contrast between the bright margarita green and the dark patina of the silver.


 Another real leaf necklace using my rolling mill. I wish I had collected some more leaves and plant pieces over the summer and fall.

 Almandine garnet. I love the serrated edge on this. Black cherry ring.



Listed in my shop today.



I've been working on my own site. I still have some work to do and would like to integrate a blog, but I'm pretty happy with it for now.


Leaf Series Necklace

I've been having some fun with my rolling mill. These silver necklaces were made by pressing a real leaf into sheet silver. I have a little book full of small leaves, flowers, and plant parts that I pressed and dried. Now they will live forever in a piece of metal much like a fossil. I think they also look like little wings.

You can find these in my shop.


I'm on Pinterest

Ever since I received my invitation to Pinterest I've been hooked on it! It's pretty easy to get lost in all the great photos and inspiration.

I've been adding a lot of patio inspirations. I have a bare yard right now and these are some yard and garden areas I love. You can create boards and pin interesting photos to them. It's nice to see all the photos I like in one spot. You can also follow other people's boards too.
You can see my pinterest board here: http://pinterest.com/simplyriveting/for-the-home/

Make do

Make do with what you have.
I have to repeat this to myself when I'm daydreaming about buying more stones, gallery wire, a new saw, these really cool tweezers I just learned about... I have a mile long wish list!

Here's a story about a metalsmith that motivates me to make use of the supplies I already have.

There was a metalsmith who had only the most basic tools. A saw, files, mallet. That's about it. He worked with what he had and produced good work everyday using only cold connections. He had an old table that he used as a workbench. All of his tools and supplies fit in a small tackle box.

It makes me think of this saying that I love:
Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, Or do without.



Yesterday I found a four leaf clover. Ok, I'm almost embarrassed to say, I found three of them! I used to find these all the time as a kid. I'd spend hours looking for them. I would press them into books and then forget about them. Then when I would find them (again!) it would be a nice surprise.

I was hoping they would bring me some luck. And wouldn't you know it; my pink necklace was on Etsy's front page last night!


some rings...

I've been going ring crazy lately. Here are a couple of new ones.

You can find them all in my shop.