Make do

Make do with what you have.
I have to repeat this to myself when I'm daydreaming about buying more stones, gallery wire, a new saw, these really cool tweezers I just learned about... I have a mile long wish list!

Here's a story about a metalsmith that motivates me to make use of the supplies I already have.

There was a metalsmith who had only the most basic tools. A saw, files, mallet. That's about it. He worked with what he had and produced good work everyday using only cold connections. He had an old table that he used as a workbench. All of his tools and supplies fit in a small tackle box.

It makes me think of this saying that I love:
Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, Or do without.


  1. I love that I had a glimpse into your studio, I would love to see more posts with some behind the scene shots. And I love this saying, I will have to keep it in mind:)

  2. thanks! That would give me a good reason to clean up and organize my studio. :)