Organized Studio

Too bad I don't have a before photo, but this is after. I rearranged my studio and put up these much needed shelves. The guitar is there because I share that room with my musician husband. The opposite wall is full of guitars, amps and recording equipment!
I really want to get a real jeweler's workbench. As of now I'm using a bench that my dad made to hold my rolling mill and bench shear. You can see that I store the rolling mill underneath and use the bench as a work area. Someday though it will be just for my rolling mill and bench shear.
The painting on the wall is one I did last year when I thought I wanted to start painting more. I just can't get into it like I do jewelry. I'd much rather be soldering and sanding!

My mom gave me this cat over the weekend. I think it's so adorable. She found it at a yard sale. When I got home I taunted my real cat with it. (You know; chased the cat and made meowing noises!) Very scary for the real cat; very funny for me!

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  1. Ha ha ha - laughing at you taunting your cat with your new cat! It's adorable. and your studio looks great. It always feels so good to fix it all up doesn't it?! Reminds me I must do something with mine. Feeling very lazy at the moment. :)