Playing Around

In the art world there is a term called happy accident. Where you make a mistake or accidentally discover something that works. Tonight I was working on a bird and some dome earrings at the same time. I laid them both down and staring back at me was a bug eyed bird! I like it. Also played around with an alien bird!


  1. I love the process and how it changes, and how we get surprised and go on a journey. I love your little alien bird. It's mega cute! xo

  2. LOVE IT! the alien bird has to be my favorite.

  3. Hello Jessica - I hope you're well, and having fun! I've got a lovely award for you... the Kreative Blog award infact! Because you're way cool, and I love your work! Part of accepting the award means sharing seven things about yourself, and presenting this award to seven blogs/people. Hope you're into it! kisses and hugs, K